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Newer technologies critical to successfully implementing HR & HCM solutions
Exaserv is a global consulting organization that provides SaaS solutions, implementation services, application support and specialized products for SAP® ERP HCM. The company utilizes cutting-edge technology and delivery approaches to drive faster implementations and higher return on investment. To lower project costs and achieve meaningful results, Exaserv focuses on continued development of products, services and solutions through innovation to make SAP® ERP HCM easier to use for customers of all sizes. Exaserv is both a SAP and SuccessFactors certified partner with over 100 global enterprise implementations. Exaserv maintains its global headquarters in Alpharetta, Georgia and has operations in Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Network Products Guide: How are newer technologies critical to successfully implementing HR & HCM solutions?

Wim De Smet: The human resource function has changed tremendously over the last two decades, more so than in any other time in history. It has evolved from a local talent pool to a global talent pool, from transactional processes to strategic processes, from basic information to full employee profiles. The expectation of HR and HCM solutions has increased tremendously and is expected to increase exponentially. The newer technologies have to be able to analyze the data mass, bring it together in different ways and produce it on all devices. In-memory processing solutions s.a. HANA can provide this data analyses. The latest portal solutions combine social media, transactional HR data and unstructured data (OpenText) together. HTML5 solutions allow us to produce the processes on all devices including smartphones and tablets. Without these technologies HR solutions will be limited.

A perfect example can be found in the recruiting process. The impact of social media has been tremendous, both for the candidates and the organizations. Both have Linkedin and Facebook profiles, YouTube videos, publications etc... Integration of this information in your recruiting process is critical to find the best global candidate for your position.

Network Products Guide: How has the usability of HR software changed over the past few years?

Wim De Smet: HR used to be a form-based system. Simple data forms represented the transactional data that was required. The only people using the actual HR solution was the HR department. Today everybody uses the HR solution through employee self service and manager self service. This has forced us to spend tremendous attention on the usability of the HR solutions. In addition, the arrival of mobile devices has pushed this even further.

The usability of HR software, driven by the high increase of users, has mainly occurred through the transition to portal solutions. In the late nineties and early two thousands people were getting more and more accustomed to websites. The closer you can have an HR solution look like a website the better the usability success. The technologies related to web design allowed for more flexibility with regards to human interaction. The latest technologies even allow further user-friendly animations to improve this usability.

It is my believe that the next 5 years we will see more changes due to the change in utility. The mouse is being replaced with touch, the touch will be replaced with gestures. The HR solutions will have to support this way of interacting with computers.

Network Products Guide: Why is process integration so important now?

Wim De Smet: Process integration has always been important. The dot-com era brought a large number of best-of-breed solutions to us. However, as these best-of-breed solutions were being deployed, many organizations realized that these applications were creating integration issues. Information was being input multiple times, but as HR process evolved, it became clear that information needs to be linked whether it is in the same locations or not. For example, the requirements for a specific job are directly linked to the qualifications of a specific person. In addition, a training class may adjust certain qualifications for a specific person. In recruiting, we are trying to find the best qualified person for the job. Within this simple straightforward process, multiple locations are being accessed from recruiting, data administration, organizational data, learning solutions and talent management.

While over the last 15 years we have seen a lot of attention given to the back-end integration of these solutions, I am a strong believer that the front-end integration of HR processes will become more and more important. The availability of a Linkedin profile during the recruiting process (on the same screen) may be invaluable to a recruiter.

Network Products Guide: Which of the following solutions are gaining greater popularity: on-premise, hybrid, or 100% cloud-based? Why?

Wim De Smet: While the media and solution providers may be focusing most of their attention on cloud-based solutions, the reality is that hybrid solutions are becoming more and more popular. This is mainly due to the greater popularity of cloud-based solutions. However, most organizations are not replacing their entire HR solutions. Many companies have made investments in the last fifteen years to significantly improve their HR environment. Now they want to further enhance the solutions in areas such as talent management and reporting. Cloud solutions for these areas are often the chosen path, which creates a high increase in hybrid solutions.

Company: Exaserv
3780 Mansell Rd. Suite 350, Alpharetta, Georgia 30022 U.S.A.

Founded in: 2004
CEO: Wim De Smet
Public or Private: Private
Head Office in Country: Alpharetta, Georgia - United States
Products and Services: Exalerate Ci, Exalerate AdminTool, Bodhi Portal, ExaCare Support, Exalerate Onboarding, HIPPA Solution, SuccessFactors Implementation, SuccessFactors Hybrid Solutions, SuccessFactors HCM Strategy and Expertise, SAP HCM rollouts and upgrades, SAP Strategic Consulting, SAP Fast HCM, Nakisa, SpinifexIT, OpenText
Company’s Goals: We focus first and foremost on the needs of our clients and employees. We believe in adding value through innovation and best practices. We combine strengths beyond team, company and country borders and aim at sustainable growth while protecting the Exaserv culture and reputation. Exaserv’s mission is to be the long term, trusted partner of decision makers in the alignment of business and HR HCM technology solutions and processes, to combine our strengths with our clients’ expertise to maximize added value while minimizing total cost of ownership and to assist our clients in delivering result-oriented solutions in line with their business strategy.
Key Words: SAP HCM Solutions, SuccessFactors Solutions, Onboarding, Implementation services, HR Solutions, Talent Management SaaS Solutions

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