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Advice to CIOs on implementing an operational cost savings strategy when there is persistent pressure to reduce costs
Adaptiva is a leader in systems management solutions. Adaptiva solutions leverage existing IT resources to enhance the operation of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager without disrupting service to end-users. Adaptiva streamlines operations, eliminates expensive server infrastructure and delivers a return in hours and days rather than months or years.

In the following interview, Todd Floyd, Vice President WW Sales and Operations, acting CEO of Adaptiva discusses with Network Products Guide, editor-in-chief of Network Products Guide, on advice to CIOs on implementing an operational cost savings strategy under an economic environment where there is persistent pressure to reduce costs.

Network Products Guide: What does Adaptiva do to streamline IT and improve ROI for businesses?

Todd Floyd:
We eliminate ALL secondary sites and distribution points (servers) within the infrastructure to deliver any content, anywhere at any time, with no impact to the end user. We ‘schematize intent” allowing IT professionals to think less about the ‘how’ do I get his stuff where it needs to go, on time, and more about the business reason why. We fix sick computers, automatically, and we enable green IT for both cost savings in power, and enable our clients to better steward their environmental position.
Network Products Guide: Operational cost savings can be achieved by eliminating inefficiencies in IT through automation. How does Adaptiva create efficiencies through automation?

Todd Floyd: If you don’t need to buy, replace, maintain warrant and license software and hardware to enable the delivery of content around a global organization, you can accomplish the business and compliance goals in less time, enabling more productive workers, and for much less money – get the job done, get it done right, fast and without added costs to do it.
Network Products Guide: What advice would you give CIOs on implementing an operational cost savings strategy under an economic environment where there is persistent pressure to reduce costs?

Todd Floyd: If the project doesn’t pay back in well under a year, think very hard about undertaking. If it pays back in months, yet is out of budget, consider quick re-allocation of existing funds to projects that do meet these requirements. If a ‘proof event’ in your environment can take only days to accomplish, and show quantifiable results, test it.

Company: Adaptiva
16301 NE 8th St #291
Bellevue, WA 98008 U.S.A.

Founded in: 2004
CEO: Todd Floyd, Acting
Products and Services: Adaptiva OneSite, Adaptiva Client Health, Adaptiva Green Planet
Company’s Goals: To eliminate server side infrastructure within our clients environments, speed time to value of their investments in IT, enable 100% health of clients that they support, extend the capabilities of Microsoft Configuration Manager and enable green IT and power management for our clients.

To continue our rapid growth in profitability and market share, do good business, advocate for the customer, hire the best, do business on our customers terms, have fun doing so.

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