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Content searching in the cloud is real and here today
SearchYourCloud is focused on developing innovative and ground-breaking technology which can be embedded by third parties such as carriers/mobile operators or software providers. We also partner with companies which have in-house IT development expertise that wish to utilize our technology to solve current technical and/or business challenges. The technology can be used as a front-end access method for existing private or public cloud services, or as the backbone to deliver new services. In either capacity it delivers a new access paradigm that promises to revolutionize the way users access their critical data in the cloud.

Network Products Guide: How are cloud storage solutions impacting users worldwide? What impact does this have on their data security and privacy?

Simon Bain: Somebody can create a file in one part of the world and seconds later it can be shared with and edited by someone in a completely different time-zone. The impact of this is massive - this storage and accessibility comes at a price. By subscribing to these services the user also subscribes to their information being used by the storage company. Now this is not really a problem with most private content, but occasionally you may find you have placed information in to the store and it is used elsewhere on the web. This can affect people in many different ways. They could find images of themselves on web sites that they do not go to, or they could find corporate data turning up in public presentations, given by their provider. In addition to this, usernames and passwords are stored by these services, and in a few occasions they have been stolen leading to great personal harm and anxiety to the user.

Network Products Guide: How does SearchYourCloud technology provide better content searching capabilities to users needing to access their critical data in the cloud? Who are your target customers and who is benefiting from the technology?

Simon Bain: We provide better content searching by the utilization of our own patent pending search algorithms. We have never subscribed to the dual use search idea - first search comes back with unrelated and irrelevant results so the user then has to narrow down the search with complex and generally unknown syntax. Instead we enable the user to place a search phrase into the application and we will at first time of asking create from that the so called 'enhanced' search. This enables us to perform a whole array of actions on the content and bring back to the user a more targeted result set.

Our target audience is the corporate user who requires easy access to their information, and may have it in a variety of different places. We find that they are the people who benefit the most from our applications. Our ability to federate results from many different stores, such as Dropbox, Microsoft Exchange or email from means that users can get a more accurate view of all of their information while they are mobile.

Network Products Guide: How will this technology help users who are currently using Dropbox?

Simon Bain: Dropbox, like other storage providers, is able to give their users access to content any time of day and almost to any part of the world. However, in a number of cases certain accessibility functionality is lost. In the case of Dropbox, it is secure document storage with full-text searching of the content held within the stored files. This is where SearchYourCloud comes in. We can provide the user peace of mind that their information is encrypted with AES 256 security before it is uploaded to the Dropbox servers. We also create a fully secure index which enables them to search within the content, even though it has been encrypted. Search is such a major part of life today that to not have it within applications that we all use, can make life difficult. In addition, by enabling the federation of results from Dropbox files, Exchange content, SharePoint content and emails from, we are providing extra functionality to enable users access to most of their information regardless of where they are.

Company: SearchYourCloud inc.
335 Powell Street 14th Floor, San Francisco CA 94102 U.S.A.

Founded in: 2008
CEO: Simon Bain
Public or Private: Private
Head Office in Country: United Kingdom
Products and Services: Cloud based security and Accessibility applications and SDK’s
Company’s Goals: SearchYourCloud’s goal is to help users get the most from their online storage and cloud stores by keeping their content, information and private details, secure. At the same time, SeachYourCloud makes sure that accessibility and ease of use of content and applications is not compromised, enabling the IT departments within corporations to embrace Shadow-IT. This juggling act is managed by the use of our own encryption algorithms, content indexing (full-text search) algorithms and secures asynchronous transport mechanism, enabling the secure use of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). By combining these we are able to make sure that users’ information can be stored fully encrypted with AES 256 without compromising their ability to access the information, through full-text searches or meta information. In addition to this because of the technology, we do not require users to store their usernames or passwords on our servers, maintaining their privacy at all times.
Key Words: Secure Cloud, Privacy, Full-Text Search

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