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How to monetize digital content

MonetizeDigital is a premier online marketing company that specializes in tailored digital content monetization solutions. The company’s flagship solution is The Content Locker, which delivers advertiser-sponsored content such as surveys, quizzes, games or purchase offers that can be completed by a consumer in exchange for premium content as opposed to traditional payment methods.

In the following interview, Peter Tarr (Impending CEO) of MonetizeDigital discusses with Network Products Guide, editor-in-chief of Network Products Guide, how to monetize digital content.

Network Products Guide: How was MonetizeDigital originally conceptualized?

Peter Tarr: MonetizeDigital, formerly CPAlead, began in 2006 – we were pioneers in the virtual currency space which is now a four billion dollar industry. From there, we evolved to a business model of cost-per-action (CPA) content monetization for publishers. We now operate as a comprehensive solution for monetizing digital content, providing publishers with the tools they need to earn revenue from any and every time of online content. In 2008 we opened our headquarters in Las Vegas and are continuing to evolve in this space as we look at new, innovative and exciting ways to allow owners to monetize content.

Network Products Guide: How do digital publishers monetize their content without employing tactics such as paywalls and subscriptions?

Peter Tarr: MonetizeDigital has several platforms that allow publishers to convert traffic into revenue. Our two premier solutions are The Spotlight Tool and The Content Locker. The Spotlight Tool presents website visitors with advertisements in-between pages that they can then interact with or bypass until arriving at the content of their choice. This is really great for targeting. The Content Locker is an alternative to a paywall or digital subscription, giving users a way to view premium content without paying a fee by instead interacting with a brief advertiser-sponsored survey, quiz or game before viewing the content. Paywalls and subscriptions often force a customer to leave at the point of consumption, so this alternative enables them to view the content while the publisher still generates revenue.

Network Products Guide: What role do advertisers and marketers play in this process?

Peter Tarr: For The Content Locker, advertisers and marketers sponsor the various surveys and provide the questions that will be featured, paying us for that information. For example, if they give us a dollar, we give the web publisher about 75 cents. We retain a small portion and the rest goes to content owners. With this type of approach, advertisers are able to mitigate their exposure and more accurately manage their dollars, which provides a great deal of security in otherwise volatile times. Because the ads are very targeted, they are able to gather important information on key audiences.

Network Products Guide: How do end users respond to this type of marketing?

Peter Tarr: Consumers are looking for alternatives to the traditional methods of paying for premium content, such as paywalls or banner ads that can often be distracting. If a monetization method is captivating, users are generally receptive. Having a greater inventory of advertisements to present a user allows for greater potential ROI for advertisers and publishers alike, while providing users with a more rewarding experience on their end. It is really a win-win for all parties involved.

Company: MonetizeDigital
6845 South Escondido Street Suite #107
Las Vegas, NV 89119

Founded in: 2006
CEO: Peter Tarr (Impending CEO)
Products and Services: Digital Monetization Tools
Company’s Goals: To provide tailored content monetization solutions for website publishers of all sizes and scope.

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