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The trend of technology in achieving the sustainability of commercial buildings
QAS, (Quality Attributes Software), a facility data management company specializing in energy and resource management and sustainability, is dedicated to helping our customers significantly reduce building energy costs, energy consumption and carbon emissions. QAS delivers products and services that empower building stakeholders to take an active part in both creating and maintaining sustainable buildings. Today, our products are successfully operating at leading educational, commercial and government institutions worldwide, realizing savings up to 30% annually. QAS operates internationally and is headquartered in Bayville, New Jersey.

Network Products Guide: As sustainability becomes a standard consideration in facility management, how is technology changing the way building managers achieve this?

Nico R. Willis: Organizations of all types are under increasing pressure to operate as efficiently as possible by reducing energy costs, consumption rates and their overall carbon footprint, but without the right technology, it is almost impossible, especially with older buildings. Only by monitoring every meter and system in real time within a facility can proactive measures be taken. Our IntelliFaceTM technology allows a facility manager to not only implement sustainable practices but also more importantly, to immediately address inefficiencies or energy issues. IntelliFaceTM also enables the facility manager to gather data from thousand of points, generate reports, and let businesses take advantage of government incentives around efficiency or pollution. By using IntelliFaceTM, the realized savings can be as high as 30% annually. QAS is revolutionizing how facility managers achieve and maintain sustainability and reduce operating costs.

Network Products Guide: Who are the users of solutions provided by QAS?

Nico R. Willis: Our customers include all types of buildings, facilities, campuses and properties from universities and healthcare to government and multi-housing residential facilities.  Whether it is the disparate data collection of new and old buildings on a college campus or the critical energy needs in a healthcare facility, there are always opportunities to increase efficiency, save money and become more sustainable. IntelliFace addresses the individual needs and goals of all types of facilities and properties and provides state-of-the-art solutions.

On the average, about 30% of the operational budget for buildings of all types goes towards energy costs. For each of them, there are real opportunities for savings and increased efficiency. IntelliFace helps to identify those areas and help define manageable solutions. 

IntelliFace is the only energy resource management system that can easily communicate with the variety of systems and multi-building properties to provide a comprehensive view of energy and resource consumption. The customized Executive Dashboard allows the staff to monitor all the utilities, view the baselines, the usage per occupant and square foot, view an historical analysis, track energy savings and identify critical issues.  

This is a PaaS (Platform as a Service) product, meaning the potential customers are worldwide. In fact, we recently obtained our first international customer, the country Qatar. They will be using IntelliFace for 16 government buildings in Education City and the City of Doha. It’s a very exciting project and demonstrates the versatility of this system. 

Network Products Guide: What makes IntelliFace unique and aside from using the technology to monitor and evaluate energy usage? How can this technology affect behavior of the occupants themselves and engage them in the efforts to reduce energy and resource consumption and costs?

Nico R. Willis: IntelliFace stands above the competition in several areas. It is a software-based, cloud enabled system that can interface with any type of application or protocol to collect limitless end-to-end data from all measurable resources at the facility. This capability is unmatched in the industry. With superior processing abilities for high volume data, IntelliFace can process millions of data points in seconds then filter and extract any chosen information. The flexibility of IntelliFace makes it customizable to any facility’s needs.

The data collected and analyzed by IntelliFace means nothing unless it can be communicated in ways that are understandable and actionable.  The state-of-the-art visualization of IntelliFace can be displayed on a touchscreen, dashboard, tablet or mobile device screens.  The graphic presentations display an x-ray view of the operation of the building, measuring energy usage for optimum analysis and management.

We were recently named the 2013 Laureate by IDG’s Computerworld Honors Program. The program honors visionary applicants in the category of information technology promoting positive change. The Haverford Township Environmental Center in Pennsylvania sought a technology solution to showcase its LEED Certified Building to residents and visitors. They selected the visual GreenTouchscreen to involve their occupants and visitors in their sustainability efforts and goals.  At QAS, we are honored to have receive this esteemed acknowledgement.

Company: Quality Attributes Software (QAS)
1 Pelican Drive, Suite 6, Bayville, NJ 08721 U.S.A.

Founded in: 2003
CEO: Nico R. Willis
Public or Private: Private
Head Office in Country: United States
Products and Services: Energy and Resource Management Systems
Company’s Goals: We are committed to providing energy and resource management solutions that reduce facility costs and help achieve sustainability. We set the standard in the industry with leadership in innovation that remains unsurpassed. As sustainability and energy efficiency in facility management becomes the norm, rather than the exception, QAS is expanding its products and services to meet that increasing demand. We are also committed to continually improving our practices and providing excellent customer service.
Key Words: IntelliFace, Sustainability Resource and Energy Management System

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