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What exactly is “Hybrid ITSM” and what are its specific advantages
Founded in 1989, FrontRange is the global leader in Hybrid IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions for enterprises of all sizes. With its suite of HEAT applications, FrontRange is the only ITSM provider in the world that delivers Service Management software with fully integrated Voice Automation and Client Management capabilities on-premise and in the cloud. HEAT manages millions of service interactions a day for more than 15,000 leading organizations around the world. HEAT enables customers to deliver world-class service while maximizing operational efficiencies with reduced cost and complexity.

Network Products Guide: What are the biggest changes taking place in the ITSM market and how is FrontRange aligning itself with opportunities presented by these changes?

Jonathan Temple:
The emergence of cloud computing has changed the implementation options for customers dramatically. That said, the hype surrounding “all things cloud” has led to perhaps the biggest change that’s taken place in the ITSM market: Hybrid ITSM.

On-premise ITSM is hardly going away. Gartner recently reported that cloud-based ITSM deployments are likely to peak in 2015 and that 30% of companies that migrate ITSM services to the cloud will return to an on-premise solution. In fact, customers are expressing a strong interest in deploying Hybrid ITSM because they don’t want to be locked into an either/or model. Customers want and need flexible ITSM options based on their unique infrastructures, resources and stage of ITSM technology adoption.

FrontRange has shaped the Hybrid ITSM market with an industry-leading solution that is flexible, advanced, and complete. It is flexible, as it allows users to standardize on a single service management solution with ‘fit-for-purpose’ deployment models that allows for the use of both operating and capital expense budgets (including a hybrid option that leverages both); advanced, with the most cutting-edge service automation solution in the world with fully integrated voice-enabled capabilities that enhances efficiency and reduces service resolution costs; and complete, with end-to-end, integrated client management capabilities that enables the standardization of business processes across the enterprise and improves the mean time to repair (MTTR).

Network Products Guide: What exactly is “Hybrid ITSM” and its specific advantages?

Jonathan Temple:
Businesses are in a constant state of growth and change and don’t want – nor must they – be forced into an either/or model. The flexibility to deploy ITSM solutions via cloud or on-premise makes the most sense in the context of their ever changing organization.

No doubt, the cloud is here to stay, but full-scale transitions to the cloud to support an organization’s entire range of service management functions is not only unlikely, but there are clear instances in which on-premise solutions simply make more sense. The same holds true for cloud-based ITSM offerings; there is no ‘one size fits all’ strategy, but rather one that is “fit-for-purpose.”

Additionally, Hybrid ITSM offers the most flexibility. It’s hard to quantify this, but its value is huge because technologies evolve, with virtualization, mobile device management, a proliferation of smart phones and we don’t know what’s next. With a hybrid solution, whatever happens they have the flexibility to deliver. Companies are looking to standardize on a single ITSM platform that gives them to flexibility to move, without having to do a rip and replace, between a cloud solution and on-premise solution. We have taken most of the risk out of it.

Network Products Guide: How would you characterize the biggest problems FrontRange solves for its customers?

Jonathan Temple:
Every user benefits because they get exactly what they need – flexibility – meaning the ability to use a cloud-based ITSM tool where it makes sense and a premise-based one where the cloud model doesn’t work well. Too often, though, it’s an either/or proposition – companies are forced to choose a cloud tool that doesn’t really do everything they need it to, or a premise-based solution that may not be able to cover their entire organization. What they need is a single solution that works in either a cloud-based or premise model, but sharing a common code base that gives them the same look and feel.

Such a model protects the company against unforeseen changes in their business.

FrontRange strongly advocates a Hybrid ITSM solution with a common code base so clients choosing cloud, on-premise or a combination of the two can manage each of these deployment options from a common management console to ensure continuity and optimal efficiency. With a common code base, updates are rolled out to all customers at once rather than on a per-client basis. This standardizes software versions being utilized by customers thus reducing version control issues and allowing support staff to more efficiently respond to maintenance issues.

By utilizing a multi-tenant architecture for its cloud-based solutions, FrontRange creates an economy of scale business by eliminating the need to expand data center infrastructure linearly. This significantly reduces the overhead cost associated with providing IT services and, as a result, lowers the costs levied on customers.

What it boils down to is: FrontRange provides its customers with product offerings that minimize costs, maximize efficiency, and compromise nothing in the way of security, performance, or scalability.

Company: FrontRange Solutions
490 N. McCarthy Blvd., Suite 100, Milpitas, CA 95035 U.S.A.

Founded in: 1989
CEO: Jonathan Temple
Public or Private: Private
Head Office in Country: Milpitas, California - United States
Products and Services: IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions
Company’s Goals: To deliver world-class service to customers while maximizing operational efficiencies with reduced cost and complexity.
Key Words: “Hybrid IT Service Management” “IT Service Management” “ITSM” “Private and Hybrid Cloud” “Software-as-a-Service” “SaaS”

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