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Advice for SMB IT decision makers on implementing a comprehensive ERP strategy
SYSPRO is a developer of best-of-breed, award-winning enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for on-premise and cloud-based utilization. SYSPRO has earned the trust of more than 14,500 companies in 60 countries for its suite of visionary software that enhances the competitive thrust of mid-sized manufacturers and distributors. The company’s adherence to developing technology based on the needs of customers is among the reasons why SYSPRO enjoys one of the highest customer retention rates in the industry.

In the following interview, Joey Benadretti, President and Joint Managing Director of SYSPRO USA discusses with Network Products Guide, editor-in-chief of Network Products Guide, advice for SMB IT decision makers on implementing a comprehensive ERP strategy.

Network Products Guide: How have small and medium enterprise resource planning solutions evolved over the years?

Joey Benadretti:
The solutions have become increasingly sophisticated, keeping pace with technological advancements. Originally, manufacturers and distributors maintained numerous disparate records that failed to give managers the company overviews they needed to make efficient and effective management decisions.  In the early 1970’s, the introduction of computer software enabled companies to automate some record keeping.   In 1978 SYSPRO was one of the first software companies to develop an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution that enabled manufacturers and distributors to integrate real-time data on company and which provided management with an up-to-date scenario of company operations.  Since the introduction of ERP software companies, SYSPRO included, have continued to leverage technological advancements to add new functionalities and capabilities to their ERP offerings.  For example, by enabling mid-size manufacturers and distributors to tailor their SYSPRO software to extend software utilization and functionalities, companies have been able to enhance operational efficiencies and customer service. 
Network Products Guide: How does SYSPRO ERP software enable SMB manufacturers and distributors to lean their operations?

Joey Benadretti:
SYSPRO is focused on delivering an advanced toolkit that offers across the board functionality for mid-market manufacturers and distributors. The features and functionality provided by SYSPRO can be molded to meet unique business specific requirements. SYSPRO delivers an ERP system that effectively collects and reports on all aspects of inventory, cash and costs, allowing management to run their business in an informed and professional manner. SYSPRO has also set the pace with a tried and tested, award winning, implementation methodology that enables organizations to streamline their processes while implementing SYSPRO software. The company has also focused resources on education, technology and functionality so that SYSPRO users can expedite ROI and maximize operational efficiencies.

SYSPRO ERP software brings sophisticated tools to mid-size manufacturers and distributors, including state-of-the-art inventory optimization, forecasting, materials planning, sophisticated reporting, a role based interface with the ability for users to tailor their screens to show only the data they need to perform at maximum efficiencies.  Offerings, such as the SYSPRO product configurator, allow mid-size manufacturers and distributors to differentiate their products to best their competitors. It was this active listening over many years to the needs of market along with the recognition of current business and market drivers impacting customers that drove SYSPRO to expand and accelerate programs, features and functions.

Network Products Guide: What advice would you give SMB IT decision makers on implementing a comprehensive ERP strategy?

Joey Benadretti:
Our advice - Leverage Technology to effectively compete with the largest competitors in a global marketplace. For example, utilizing SYSPRO’s powerful breakthrough framework, “Quantum Architecture” mid-market manufacturers and distributors are able to solve problems that have plagued ERP solutions for years and that have often crippled the ability of mid-size businesses to compete effectively. Paralleling to Einstein’s Quantum theory of matter and energy, SYSPRO Quantum Architecture targets six business “matters”:
  • ERP Implementation
  • Communications/Reporting
  • Workflow Processes
  • Security Issues
  • Regulatory/Financial change
  • Mobile/Cloud Requirements.

SYSPRO is advancing the concept of ERP solutions from the traditional to collaborative, real-time management of multiple business, information and IT assets. Large ERP vendors do not understand the variables and complexities unique to the mid-size manufacturing/distribution segment the way SYSPRO does.  This group of buyers has always been the SYSPRO “sweet spot.” SYSPRO Quantum Architecture maximizes the support mid-size companies need as they navigate through all of the complexities, challenges and opportunities of an ever changing global market.

Company: SYSPRO
959 South Coast Drive,
Costa Mesa, CA 92626 U.S.A.

Founded in: 1978
CEO: Joey Benadretti, President and Joint Managing Director
Products and Services: ERP Software
Company’s Goals: Expand User Base by providing the software tools mid-size manufacturers and distributors require to lean and green their operations in order to successfully compete with the largest firms in their respective industries and foreign competitors.

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