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Advice for Businesses Looking to Increase the Speed & Efficiency of their Training Programs
ANCILE Solutions, Inc. is a provider of best-in-class learning and performance software solutions. Our ANCILE uPerform™, ANCILE uPerform™ Express, ANCILE uAlign™, ANCILE uLearn™, ANCILE uBenchmark™, and ANCILE Info Pak™ products are used globally by Fortune 500 companies, including half of the elite Fortune 100. Our products support mission-critical business applications by providing solutions that increase employee productivity and proficiency for industries including manufacturing, energy, automotive, aerospace, healthcare, life sciences, consumer products, finance, telecommunications, professional services, higher education, and the public sector.

Network Products Guide: What key challenges are businesses facing when it comes to employee training?

Frank Lonergan: The main challenge businesses face when it comes to employee training is maintaining a uniform set of standards and a consistent approach to train both new and existing employees. This occurs due to a lack of technology and resources that provide effective training methods across all platforms and business units. If employees throughout the organization are using different training methods, the organization loses consistency and misses an opportunity for return on investment of the training solution.

Businesses also face the challenge of motivating employees to participate in training. In particular, companies need to offer training programs that employees will find beneficial and will assist them in performing their tasks in a more effective manner. The training programs must also be clear, concise and compelling, along with being easily accessible for all employees.

No matter how effective your training program is, all businesses need to keep in mind that with employee turnover and the evolution of business processes, the impact of training sessions dilutes over time. Businesses need to be sure that training occurs beyond an initial implementation or new process introduction to sustain performance and ensure that employees are up to speed in the latest developments.

Network Products Guide: What are some key business implications for training your employees faster? How do you see new learning technologies assisting with this training? And, what are those technologies?

Frank Lonergan: When employees are properly trained, they are more efficient and productive in their daily tasks. If employees know what is expected from them on a daily basis, they will be both happier and better at their jobs. With proper training, new employees can hit the ground running and produce results immediately. This will lead to the meeting of quarterly and annual budgets, increased revenues across the board, and less time spent on additional training.

Technology is a central aspect in aligning the business goals with the daily tasks to achieve their goals. Learning technology assists in the training process and helps to streamline what needs to be addressed. The most effective learning technologies are integrated with an employee’s job – to provide support and assistance at the point of need.

Network Products Guide: How does faster training impact employee productivity?

Frank Lonergan: Employee productivity is a central concern we hear from our customers all the time. The main reason why employees are not productive is because they don’t know what is expected and don’t know about the resources available to properly complete a task. This is where effective training comes into play.

The faster employees are trained on the tools and strategies needed to perform their jobs, the more productive they will be and the quicker they will have an immediate impact on the organization’s goals and bottom line. The implementation of mobile training solutions – and on-the-job performance support - can increase worker productivity and enable learning on-the-go. With mobile training and faster comprehension, employees can focus on the big picture and do their jobs.

Network Products Guide: What advice can you give to other CEOs that are unsure on whether to implement faster training or not?

Frank Lonergan: Every time a CEO delays quick and easy training, they prevent their organization from progressing and moving forward. CEOs should get informed on what works and doesn’t work in employee training and participate in a training program themselves before implementing it across the entire company.

Every CEO needs to determine if a training program delivers important information and can be completed in a short timeframe. Additionally, CEOs need to institute training programs that are mobile and accessible from any location while also tracking employees’ progress in the training process.

Properly trained employees will make your job easier as a leader. As a result, workers will know what they are doing, be more productive and deliver quality work. Failing to implement faster training, is like running your organization blindly. If you invest in your employees, everyone will be on the same page and work in a more impactful manner.

Company: ANCILE Solutions, Inc.
6085 Marshalee Dr. Elkridge, MD 21075 U.S.A.

Founded in: 2010
CEO: Frank Lonergan
Public or Private: Private
Head Office in Country: Baltimore, MD - United States
Products and Services: uPerform, uPerform Express, uAlign, uLearn, uBenchmark, Info Pak
Company’s Goals: To support mission-critical business applications by providing solutions that increase employee productivity and proficiency for industries.
Key Words: Training/Employee Training/Technology Training, Employee Productivity/Efficiency, E-Learning, Microlearning, Business Intelligence, Content Management, Human Resource management solutions, Enterprise management software, Enterprise Software ROI, Collaborative software, Cloud, Mobile, Workplace Management

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