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Best way for enterprises to secure their networks with overall acceptance of a BYOD policy

AirPatrol is the first and only security company whose technology can continuously monitor any mobile device on cellular and Wi-Fi channels in an enterprise, determine its compliance with security policy, enforce the appropriate policy on the device in real time and dynamically empower the device’s capabilities for the situation regardless of who the user might be. AirPatrol offers a comprehensive suite of location-based management solutions that enable clients in the government, financial, healthcare, corporate and retail sectors to keep pace with the expanding security requirements of an increasingly mobile world.

In the following interview, Bradley Rotter, Chairman and CEO of AirPatrol discusses with Network Products Guide, editor-in-chief of Network Products Guide, best way for enterprises to secure their networks with overall acceptance of a BYOD policy.

Network Products Guide: Mobile devices are shipping in larger numbers than PC’s, clearly we have reached some kind of turning point, what trends and impacts do you see?

Bradley Rotter: Mobility is the biggest trend we have ever seen. With the consumerization of IT, individuals want and expect to have full access to everything on their personal smart device regardless of where they are. Mobile applications have shifted to a dependence on location and emphasis on sharing information. In parallel with a shift to the cloud, mobility is now a “need to have” instead of a “nice to have.” Corporations, agencies and organizations worldwide have implemented mobile device policies as BYOD (bring your own device) has been adopted in the work place. This impacts business networks as these devices are connecting without proper security measures being taken. This leads to a trend that businesses must monitor and protect mobile devices brought into the workplace.

Network Products Guide: What is the best way for enterprises to secure their networks with overall acceptance of a BYOD policy?

Bradley Rotter: The best way for enterprises to secure their networks with an overall acceptance of a BYOD policy is through continuous monitoring of all mobile devices (Wi-Fi and cellular included) and controlling the capabilities of the device according to context. Without a complete picture of the wireless environment, it is challenging for enterprises to know what needs to be secured and to what extent. There are data transmitting capabilities in office equipment that is often overlooked but could have devastating effects on the enterprise; for example, paper shredders have a sensor to tell their father company when they are full and ready to be picked up. An enterprise that knows their wireless environment and is able to dynamically change the capabilities of mobile devices depending on context such as time and location is exponentially more secure from both insider and outsider threats.

Network Products Guide: What is the relationship between context and security and your advice to CIOs and CSOs?

Bradley Rotter: Security without taking context into effect is dead. Security must be able to morph and fit various roles in order to be thorough. The security needed in a boardroom is much higher than what is needed in a lobby or waiting room. However, this is often overlooked with the implementation of one arching enterprise-wide mobile device policy. Security must be context-aware to fit the location and individual user.

My advice to CIOs and CSOs is to be proactive. There are a surprisingly small number of enterprises that have a mobile device policy or actively enforce it. Overlooking the need for a mobile security policy can lead to outrageous costs and damage to an enterprise resulting from data leakage. Just this week it has become public that Visa and MasterCard may have suffered a breach with over 10 million compromised card numbers. A professional cyber criminal will hack into IT systems, silently compromise data, and leave the enterprise oblivious that information is now for sale in the cybercrime marketplace. Also, AirPatrol advisor, Richard Clarke, came out this week that he believes every major US Company has already been hacked. By adding context to your security policies, you may be able to beat this statistic.

Company: AirPatrol
9861 Broken Land Parkway, Suite 204,
Columbia, MD 21046 U.S.A.

Founded in: 2006
CEO: Bradley Rotter
Products and Services: A suite of mobile security and empowerment products: ZoneDefense, Rapid Deployment System (RDS), Wireless Locator System (WLS), Wireless Policy Manager (WPM), Wireless Endpoint Client (WEC)
Company’s Goals: Improve the security of corporations, agencies and organizations through Wireless Situational Awareness, Cognitive Mobility and Context-Aware Computing.

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