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How to Extend Your Network Reach without Complexity
Global Capacity is a network connectivity company that improves the efficiency and reduces the cost of access networks globally. Through its One Marketplace, the company brings together customers and suppliers in an automated platform that provides ubiquitous access network solutions. Global Capacity delivers its innovative solutions to telecommunication carriers, managed service providers, system integrators and large enterprise customers globally.

Network Products Guide: Who are Global Capacity’s targeted users? What are some of the major challenges users face and how do these impact their businesses?

Ben Edmond:
Our target customers are service providers and corporations that require network connectivity to multiple locations beyond their existing network. For instance, a company with a 50 site network across 20 metro locations could require 20 different network service providers to gain network connectivity and service – and with diverse network consideration, that count could double. No single service provider has unlimited on-net locations, and therefore, requires network partners to access off-net locations. Global Capacity is a leading provider of access solutions for major carriers across the US. Global Capacity differentiates itself in three key areas that provide real value to customers: reach, simplicity, and customer experience. Global Capacity delivers a streamlined solution that provides customers with one contract, one interconnection, and consistent ordering and turn-up of solutions across multiple networks.

Network Products Guide: How do companies manage the procurement of off-net access circuits?

Ben Edmond:
No one service provider has ubiquitous coverage; therefore, service providers always have a need for off-net access circuits. Services are often procured through a manual process with multiple off-net vendors that have network available within a needed target footprint. Most providers establish interconnections with multiple suppliers to ensure they have the greatest reach. The complexities associated with the management of multiple vendor interconnections, building lists, and rates slow down the sales process of getting timely and accurate network designs and prices for proposals. Furthermore, service delivery processes vary greatly between network providers, causing unpredictability and often the need to expend greater resources and time to turn-up and manage end-to-end services. With One Marketplace, Global Capacity simplifies the service delivery process by providing one interconnect, one contract and SLA, and a single, consistent ordering, provisioning, turn-up and management process for all off-net access network solutions - all from one service provider providing the best customer experience.

Network Products Guide: What are the key benefits of connecting customers and suppliers
through Global Capacity’s One Marketplace platform?

Ben Edmond:
Global Capacity differentiates itself in three key areas that provide real value to service providers: reach, simplicity, and customer experience. 

First – reach. Global Capacity enables service provider customers to extend the reach of their existing network footprint by interconnecting with One Marketplace, taking advantage of ubiquitous access to dozens of networks ranging from large national networks, to regional and local or metro networks, without a requirement to design, contract and manage interconnections with each of them.
Second – simplicity. Global Capacity delivers access to these networks through a uniform, standardized interconnect with One Marketplace, enabled by an automated quotation and ordering system that provides real-time access to competitive market rates, all governed by a single MSA with uniform terms, conditions, and SLAs. 

Third – customer experience. Global Capacity provides service providers with a consistently superior customer experience, whether by automating a quote process that often takes days or even weeks in a manual environment, accelerating provisioning lead times by delivering across established interconnection points with One Marketplace, or through its proactive network monitoring and management service that assures maximum uptime, availability, and performance.

Company: Global Capacity
180 N. LaSalle Street, Suite 2430, Chicago, IL 60601 U.S.A.
Twitter LinkedIn

Founded in: 2000
President: Jack Lodge
Products and Services: Global Capacity provides ubiquitous network connectivity solutions, both TDM and Ethernet-based, for customers leveraging an automated platform that simplifies the process of designing, quoting, ordering, provisioning, and managing critical network connectivity service s- One Marketplace. Global Capacity also provides network engineering services to help customers design and build networks, remote network management services to help customers monitor and manage networks, and network pricing software, including LATTIS, to help customers price network solutions.
Company’s Goals: Global Capacity delivers its innovative solutions to telecommunication carriers, managed service providers, system integrators, and large enterprise customers in order to efficiently and cost-effectively extend network reach and data connectivity.

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