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Recent trends in enterprise mobility and a solution that is helping mobile business professionals truly re-think the business meeting
Founded in 1999, Brainshark provides the leading cloud-based software for creating, sharing and tracking online and mobile video presentations. One Brainshark presentation is viewed every two seconds in locations across the world.

Brainshark provides comprehensive mobile offerings, including Brainshark Mobile, and iOS and Android apps. These give smartphone and tablet users an interactive experience when viewing online video presentations. In addition, Brainshark’s SlideShark app lets users reliably view, share and present PowerPoint presentations on the iPad – and manage and track their content.

Thousands of companies – including a third of the Fortune 100 – rely on Brainshark to increase the impact and lower the costs of their business communications.

In the following interview, Andy Zimmerman, Chief Marketing Officer at Brainshark discusses with Network Products Guide, editor-in-chief of Network Products Guide, recent trends in enterprise mobility and a solution that is helping mobile business professionals truly re-think the business meeting.

Network Products Guide: What are some of the recent trends in enterprise mobility?

Andy Zimmerman:
Tablets have played a huge role in supporting enterprise mobility. The iPad, in particular, has helped launch a revolution in how we communicate and access information on-the-go…and the speed at which we can do so. eMarketer recently forecast that U.S. iPad users would nearly double this year to more than 53 million users – and it’s no wonder. For businesspeople, the iPad has become entrenched in daily routines and processes, as it supports critical sales, marketing, training and in-the-field communications across industries.

As mobile devices proliferate, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has been another large trend that has affected enterprise mobility. Companies, of course, see the benefits of having employees connected while on-the-go, but are working to resolve security and compatibility challenges that arise from having employees introduce a multitude of different devices and operating systems to the corporate network. From a communications standpoint, too, it’s important that corporate content can render correctly on all the different devices accessing it. Brainshark video presentations address this – we automatically detect the type of mobile device accessing a given presentation and optimize content accordingly. So users only need to create their content once – and then can rest assured the video presentation will play correctly, no matter what device their audience is using to view it.

Network Products Guide: What business challenges does the SlideShark app solve?

Andy Zimmerman:
We launched SlideShark last fall in response to what had become a major and pressing problem for business users: how to play PowerPoint properly on the iPad. With more than 30 million PowerPoints created daily – and with the iPad skyrocketing in use among business professionals and especially salespeople – this was a major problem affecting millions of users.

With SlideShark, iPad users can now do what had heretofore been impossible: view and present their PowerPoints on the iPad the way they were meant to be seen – with fonts, animations, graphics and colors intact – and without an Internet connection required while presenting. Our team has continued innovating and evolving the product to help business users address other challenges as well. Users can now share and socialize presentations – for on-demand viewing from any device – and track the resulting viewing activity.

SlideShark has also become a presenter’s best friend. With our Presenter Mode, users can view slide notes, timers, an animation counter and slide thumbnails on their iPad as they’re presenting – all while the audience sees the content projected on a separate screen, in full-screen mode. These capabilities are truly unique, and our users have been especially excited about this functionality.

We also introduced a multi-user version, SlideShark Team Edition, which lets organizations manage and distribute content, provide permissions-based access and gather valuable insight into how content is being used.

We’ve been pleased to make SlideShark available to solve a wide variety of issues – from viewing and presenting PowerPoints properly on the iPad to tracking and distributing them to managing content across an organization and more.

Network Products Guide: What impact has it made on the marketplace since its launch?

Andy Zimmerman:
SlideShark has been an important and immensely helpful solution for hundreds of thousands of users across more than 120 countries since its launch in October 2011. The app is consistently ranked among the top productivity apps in Apple’s App Store and has averaged more than two downloads per minute, 24x7, since the launch. We’ve been thrilled and gratified by the industry accolades for SlideShark too, including our exciting Network Products Guide win! SlideShark is being used across many industries – particularly in financial services, technology, healthcare, insurance and pharmaceuticals. We’ve also been pleased with the feedback, suggestions and success stories our users have shared. Sales reps, in particular, are getting great value from the app, using it to dramatically improve the way they conduct meetings. Specifically, they use the app to review presentations in preparation for meetings, present their slides at the meeting, and then follow up after the meeting by sharing their presentation online and tracking the viewing results! We’ve also heard from organizations using SlideShark Team Edition who are able to ensure they’re distributing only up-to-date, compliance-approved content to their reps, and from companies using SlideShark to help meet the goals of their “green” initiatives. App store user reviews have even used words like “ran flawlessly,” “simply awesome” and “game-changing” when describing our app.

We’re so pleased to be providing a solution that is helping mobile business professionals truly re-think the business meeting. And we look forward to continuing to support our users’ needs for leveraging mobile devices to be more productive while on-the-go!

Company: Brainshark
130 Turner Street, Bldg. 1,
Waltham, MA 02453 U.S.A.

Founded in: 1999
CEO: Joe Gustafson
Products and Services: Brainshark Presentations™, myBrainshark, Brainshark Mobile, SlideShark

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