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Industry Voices

What CIOs need to know when integrating SDN into their monitoring strategy - Bob Shaw

Advice for Businesses Looking to Increase the Speed & Efficiency of their Training Programs - Frank Lonergan

What makes Mobile Apps attractive to consumers? - Leo Medina

A CIOs guide to managing security risks in the face of malicious attacks - John Weinschenk

Intelligent routing for multi-homed networks - Grigore Raileanu

What exactly is “Hybrid ITSM” and what are its specific advantages - Jonathan Temple

Ken Xie on The role of CEO - Ken Xie

Misperceptions about the risk of mitigating cloud servers - David Meizlik

Joey Benadretti on the role of an Organization's President - Joey Benadretti

How CIOs can enable productivity for mobile workers while ensuring that corporate data is safe - Yorgen Edholm

Databases and the future of real-time, next-generation transactional applications - Asa Holmstrom

What are the advantages of adopting cloud computing for any type of business - Joel Young

Leonid Shtilman on The role of CEO - Leonid Shtilman

Social innovation, crowdsourcing, idea management, game mechanics, and collaboration - Paul Pluschkell

How to Extend Your Network Reach without Complexity - Ben Edmond

What CIOs and CSOs need to know about cloud based collaboration - David Gibson

Content searching in the cloud is real and here today - Simon Bain

IPv6 - Why the need for a new standard? - Pierluigi Stella

The trend of technology in achieving the sustainability of commercial buildings - Nico R. Willis

Recent trends in enterprise mobility and a solution that is helping mobile business professionals truly re-think the business meeting - Andy Zimmerman

Zero-Day Attacks, Cybercrime and Advanced Persistent Threats - Eddie Schwartz

The importance of a Business Process Management strategy for CIOs and what they need to know about the BPM roadmap - E. Scott Menter

Advice for CIOs on implementing a strategy that unifies multiple platforms and technologies - Lisa Hammond

How individual Internet users can secure their online identity, including email, social media accounts, and more in an easy and secure way - Stina Ehrensvard

How banks can improve their cross-channel detection of fraud - Ricardo Villadiego

What CIOs need to understand about managing, protecting and extracting value from their organization’s unstructured and semi structured data - Yaki Faitelson

Advice for CIOs on implementing an effective strategy that prevents circumvention attempts - Steve Brunetto

Newer technologies critical to successfully implementing HR & HCM solutions - Wim De Smet

Security threats, insider threats and data breaches, zero trust access controls, and the WikiLeaks incident - Glenn Hazard

Advice to CIOs on implementing an operational cost savings strategy when there is persistent pressure to reduce costs - Todd Floyd

How to monetize digital content - Peter Tarr

Recommendations for improving the security posture of your organization - Mary Siero

The new security and interoperability challenges that CIOs need to address with the rise of IP based communications solutions - Dave Martin

Brendan Ziolo gives security predictions for 2012 - Brendan Ziolo

Why organizations should consider private wireless mesh infrastructure and access network solutions - Pramod Akkarachittor

Sanjay Sathe on the role of CEO - Sanjay Sathe

What are the considerations an organization should look at before deciding to move to the public cloud - Pravin Kothari

High-level approach CIOs and CSOs should take when it comes to social networks and mobile devices - Philip Lieberman

The Evolution of the Payment Processing Industry - Brian P. Shanahan

How HR based technologies and solutions can play an important role in federal organizations - Mike Giuffrida

Why understanding ERP Security is important for CIOs - Mariano Nunez

What are some of the biggest challenges consumers and businesses still facing with networking - Lewis Wu

What auditors are looking for when they drill into the level of security risks of privilege creep - Leonid Shtilman

SaaS ERP and Premise ERP and staying at the forefront of technology and innovation - Gordon Fleming

How CIOs can implement a better power management and protection strategy - Jim Tessier

Why there is a rapid increase in mobile fraud - Dan Stickel

Advice for SMB IT decision makers on implementing a comprehensive ERP strategy - Joey Benadretti

Best way for enterprises to secure their networks with overall acceptance of a BYOD policy - Bradley Rotter

What sorts of advancements are being made regarding mobility in the manufacturing workplace? - Glenn Nowak

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