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2009 Product Innovations


ActiveStor Series 9

Hardware, Software or Service: Hardware and Software

Launched: September 2009 (New)

What it does? The Panasas ActiveStor Series 9 (PAS 9) is the industry's highest performance file storage system. It combines solid-state drive (SSD) technology with traditional disk drives to produce a system with breakthrough performance and workload consolidation capabilities. ActiveStor Series 9 expands Panasas' ability to help customers save money across their storage infrastructure by increasing their ability to consolidate a wider variety of applications and workloads in a single storage architecture including high-performance clustered applications technical and commercial applications running NFS and CIFS file protocols.

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2010 Product Innovations - Network Products Guide

What makes it Innovative? The Series 9 is the highest performance FILE storage system in the world combining Solid State Drive (SSD) technology with traditional disk drives to produce a system with breakthrough performance in both random IO and streaming file IO providing the widest envelope for the widest range of applications. The PAS9 satisfies this wide range of performance yet still delivers the lowest cost per IOPS in the industry. It also scales to unprecedented capacity and aggregates performance levels to enable consolidation for a wide range of customer requirements in a single file storage system therefore driving the lowest TCO for customers.

ActiveStor Series 9 is the industry's highest-performance file storage system because it combines new sold-state drive (SSD) technology with traditional disk drives. And speed is enhanced by Virtual Tiered Storage. This includes an extremely fast Cache Tier (1000 times faster than SSD or approximately 100 nanosecond access time) an ultra-fast SSD tier (about 100 times faster than SATA) and an unusually fast SATA tier. It also can be incorporated in any environment seamlessly.ActiveStor Series 9 improves virtually all of an enterprise's storage operation. Its per-shelf performance is 600 megabytes per second up to 21000 IOP and it has up to 16 terabytes of capacity. A single rack configured with the new system can deliver an unprecedented 200000 NFS operations per second as well as six gigabytes per second of throughput in single 42U rack. This unique "no compromise" combination of performance allows Panasas to deliver industry-leading throughput as well as IOPs performance as much as 80 percent higher than most competitive storage systems. The new system can also achieve these results with fewer disk drives increasing overall reliability.In addition it offers a unique Parallel I/O File System access via the industry-leading DirectFLOW protocol. DirectFLOW allows users to access storage devices directly and in parallel. Parallel I/O delivers very high application performance and allows for massive scalability without diminished performance. Single sequential I/O patterns have many bottlenecks which adversely affect performance for example there is no load balancing and it can't aggregate other devices. However DirectFLOW solves these issues by providing global name space functionality without requiring forklift upgrades while allowing storage administrators to scale performance and storage capacity without disruption. This lowers the total cost of ownership and maximizes consolidation of storage.

Targeted Users: Technical Computing Users, Government R&D Facilities, Oil & Gas Corporations, Manufacturing Corporations, Higher Education and Research Institutions, Life Sciences, Media and entertainment, Financial Services Institutions.

Satisfied Customers: Yes, vendor claims satisfied customers

Company: Panasas
6520 Kaiser Drive, Fremont CA 94555 USA
Tel: 510-608-7790

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