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2009 Product Innovations

End-User Monitoring

OpTier Experience Manager

Hardware, Software or Service: Software

Launched: September 2009 (New)

What it does? Experience Manager measures the volume performance service levels and availability of all business transactions alerts IT in real time to developing issues and provides ongoing reporting and analysis of the user experience. Its 24x7 monitoring capabilities help IT to prevent service outages and ensure that the level of service delivered to the business meets expectations by improving application visibility and simplifying problem isolation. Experience Manager provides real-time visibility into application availability response times and end-user behavior. It also provides historical analysis and trending of transaction usage by users geographies and groups enabling IT to proactively assure a positive user experience.

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Innovative products such as OpTier’s Experience Manager and CoreFirst 3.0 are bringing improvements in transaction monitoring and application performance.

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What makes it Innovative? OpTier Experience Manager is a passive agentless solution that allows organizations to not only measure IT related metrics from the end-user perspective but also to understand how performance issues impact their organization's business performance. Its advanced dashboards provide information about cost per transaction number of users impacted their locations and the number of failed transactions for each business process. Traditional end-user experience monitoring tools enable organizations to measure application performance and SLA compliance. These tools provide early detection of application issues from the user perspective. However since they provide only partial visibility they are inadequate for problem isolation and subsequent resolution. In most cases end-user issues originate in application tiers inside the data center. These components are invisible to traditional end-user experience monitors. Traditional end-user experience monitoring may identify that there is a problem but cannot answer critical questions such as:What and where is the source of the problem?How can service be restored ASAP?Who is responsible for resolving this particular issue?How can such outages be prevented from occurring in the future?How will changes in the IT infrastructure affect end-user experience?Experience Manager offers a holistic approach to IT service management by combining end-user experience monitoring with datacenter monitoring for end-to-end Business Transaction Management across all tiers. OpTier goes beyond monitoring user response times empowering you to quickly isolate and resolve issues as they occur. With this comprehensive approach you can also prevent future outages and ensure that changes in IT infrastructure do not adversely affect end-user experience.

Targeted Users: OpTier sells into Global 2000 organizations with complex IT infrastructures.

Satisfied Customers: Yes, the vendor claims satisfied customers.

Company: OpTier
130 W. 42nd Street,
New York NY 10036 USA
Tel: 212-679-2077

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