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2009 Product Innovations

End User Experience Management - Knoa Experience and Performance Manager 5.0

Knoa Experience and Performance Manager 5.0

Hardware or Software? Software

Launched: March 2008 (Upgrade)

What it does? Knoa Experience and Performance Manager 5.0 is designed to optimize end-user performance of enterprise software applications. Knoa EPM accomplishes this by monitoring the experience an application delivers to the end-user and pinpoints impediments obstructing end-user performance (bad system performance or application quality). It is a valuable workforce optimization technology that helps optimize software performance because it captures metrics on employee interactions to identify challenges with knowledge gaps or incorrect use of technology. EPM's monitoring engine is deployed to the end-user workstation. It monitors the interaction with the application and captures metrics in three dimensions.

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"Innovation is clearly an important factor for success and can have the most impact on staying competitive. Leading-edge solutions such as Knoa’s Experience and Performance Manager are continuing to bring improvements to the enterprise in the areas of functionality, technical ability, and ease-of-use. How end-users use applications is key to the overall success. Monitoring these functions as a whole should be on every IT department's agenda, to ensure maximum optimization of IT investment."

Network Products Guide, editor-in-chief
2009 Product Innovations - Network Products Guide

What makes it Innovative? New in Knoa EPM 5.0 the technology can support a portfolio of unique solutions for any number of corporate stakeholders with a need for end-user metrics and management. EPM 5.0 delivers the first of Knoa's role-based performance management consoles. The new version offers four console business roles: IT Support User Support Manager and Training. The new role-based Dashboards are interactive aggregate views of the Knoa performance data driven by the unique informational needs and processes of the different roles. Based upon their role authorized users have access to summary reports of all performance metrics application and timeframe filters Flash-based charts of daily performance trends and other key data for revealing and resolving application issues. Version 5.0 also offers extended support for group-level reporting. Customers have the ability to define up to 20 custom user attributes for the monitored users and expose those attributes in the Knoa Console for benchmarking performance at the group level. Competing solutions monitor the back-end (either network or application server.) They do not give the real end-user experience regarding response times which can be affected by LAN/WAN latency. Knoa EPM monitors all transactions executed by all users all the time. Knoa EPMs Performance Management Console provides reports through which the metrics are reviewed.

Targeted Users: IT Execs who need to prove the value of their efforts in business service management terms.

Satisfied Customers: British Telecom - British Telecom (BT) is the world's oldest communications company and one of the leading providers of communications solutions and services in 170 countries. BT's Retail Division turned to Knoa prior to undertaking an ambitious upgrade of its Customer Management Platform based on Siebel software. EPM provided metrics for adoption and efficient and effective use of the application for operators. With such precise end-user metrics BT gained the ability to identify and resolve critical issues that impact the users ability to execute efficient customer service and realize ROI on its CRM investment. BT saw the following results:

  • Improvements in call center agent productivity. By comparing user behavior at one high-performing call center to another BT was able to identify very specific end-user behaviors that improved productivity for hundreds of advisors by 25 percent a productivity improvement worth approximately $3 million.
  • Improved productivity due to the rapid identification of technological bottlenecks. Knoa EPM highlighted that BT needed to increase capacity for more than 600 desktops. The uplift enabled an increase in response times and increased application uptime which enabled a 10 percent increase in productivity for BT's business service advisors. BT estimated the revenue protected to be over $2 million.
  • Reduction in the cost of managing application performance by roughly $300000 per year. Knoa EPM was able to identify that 25 percent of reported problems were not real application performance issues. Real issues are resolved 25 percent faster and comprehensive data presented by Knoa has obviated the majority of on-site support visits.
  • BT found systems errors reduced by 25 percent and user errors reduced by 34 percent overall.

Company: Knoa Software
5 Union Square West New York NY 10003

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