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2008 Product Innovations

Web-based, Biometric and RFID Card ID Management - ACTAtek


Hardware or Software? Hardware, Software and Service

First Launched: 2004

What it does? A world-class SSL-protected Access Control and Time Attendance System - web-based Biometrics. Smart Card & PIN Technology. With all software and hardware built-into system. ACTAtek can be used in a standalone mode without the need of costly & complex dedicated architecture. Network support from the reliable TCP/IP networking protocol allows ACTAtek to be operated in a multiple device environment in primary & secondary mode enhancing its functionalities. Moreover, its modular build allows ACTAtek to be integrated with a range of devices for the different modules attached, such as the built-in CMOS camera, card reader & external readers.

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This product is still innovative today considering the number of built-in functions it has."

Network Products Guide

What makes it Innovative? ACTAtek comes with its software and hardware built into the unit itself - this means there is no additional software, maintenance, licenses or implementation costs. A simple plug and play device that needs a 12V DC power supply and RJ45 network cable connection (for network connectivity) and the installation is complete.

Targeted Users: All users

Satisfied Customers: Yes, from small to Fortune 500 companies and government sectors, for examples: BMW, IBM, Coca-Cola, Hyatt Regency, Toyota, AIA, Bank of Geneva, Bank of China, Lufthansa Airline, Qatar Government, Philippines Consulate, Indoensia Parliament, KFC, South Carolina Cancer Research, Cambridge University, UK.

Company: ACTAtek Pte. Ltd.
Mailing Address: Unit 1101-1103, 11/F, Yardely Comm Bldg. 3 Connaught Road West, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Tel: 1-852-2319-1333

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