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2009 Best Products and Services

2009 Best Products and Services - Readers Trust

   Best in Access  
  Cisco Secure Access Control Server (ACS) Solution Engine Hardware Cisco Systems, Inc.  
   Best in Aggregation  
  vSMP Foundation 2.0 Software ScaleMP  
   Best in Anti-Malware Solution  
  Norman Network Protection Hardware Norman ASA  
   Best in Anti-Spam  
  Abaca Virtual Email Protection Gateway VPG 1500 Appliance (Hardware, Software and Service) Abaca Technology Corporation  
   Best in Application Acceleration  
  AppBeat DC with Maestro CN-7000 Platform series Hardware and Software Crescendo Networks  
   Best in Application and Content Solution  
  Cisco ACNS Software Cisco Systems, Inc.  
   Best in Application Security  
  BOUNCER 4.0 by CoreTrace Software CoreTrace  
   Best in Archive  
  MessageSolution Email & File Archive Enterprise Suite Software MessageSolution Inc.  
   Best in Backup Tools  
  EVault System Restore Service/Software i365 A Seagate Company  
   Best in Behavioral Security  
  DefensePro Hardware Radware Inc.  
   Best in Business Intelligence  
  WX2 analytical database Software (also appliance based or service) Kognitio Inc.  
   Best in Business Productivity  
  Cisco WebEx Event Center SaaS Cisco Systems, Inc.  
   Best in Business Transaction Management  
  Autopilot M6 Extended Edition Software Nastel  
   Best in Communications and Collaborations  
  Site Administrator for SharePoint Software Quest Software  
   Best in Compliance  
  MessageGate Policy Enforcement Version 5.0 Software MessageGate  
   Best in Content Filtering  
  SPIDR Software InDorse Technologies LLC  
   Best in Convergence  
  Vantrix Media Profiler Software Vantrix  
   Best in Data Center Automation Tools  
  AutoMate BPA Server 7 Software Network Automation  
   Best in Data Center Management  
  ManageEngine Applications Manager Software AdventNet Inc.  
   Best in Data Protection  
  DatAdvantage and DataPrivilege 4.0 Software Varonis  
   Best in Database Management  
  StorHouse/RM Version 3.4 Software FileTek Inc.  
   Best in Development Tools  
  EXata (EXA-2-BASE) Software Scalable Network Technologies Inc.  
   Best in Disaster Recovery  
  Neverfail Continuous Availability Suite Software Neverfail  
   Best in eDiscovery  
  StoredIQ Intelligent Information Management Platform Appliance and software product delivered on custom hardware platform StoredIQ  
   Best in Email & Archiving  
  Barracuda Message Archiver 450 Hardware Barracuda Networks  
   Best in Encryption for Mainframe  
  SSH Tectia® Server for Linux on IBM System z Software SSH Communications Security  
   Best in Enterprise 2.0  
  Workforce Software-as-a-Service Telogis  
   Best in Enterprise Content Management  
  Fujitsu fi-6010N iScanner Hardware Fujitsu Computer Products of America Inc.  
   Best in Enterprise Email and Archiving  
  Zgate Software Zecurion  
   Best in Global Load Balancing  
  AppDirector Hardware Radware Inc.  
   Best in Integrated Circuits  
  SP2600 Hardware and Software LSI Corporation  
   Best in Intelligent Threat Management  
  Cisco IPS 7.0 Software Cisco Systems, Inc.  
   Best in Internet Filtering  
  ContentKeeper Express v 501.07 Software-as-a-Service ContentKeeper Technologies  
   Best in IT Governance, Risk and Compliance  
  SenSage Event Data Warehouse Software SenSage  
   Best in Load Balancing  
  IIS Application Request Routing Software Microsoft Corporation  
   Best in Managed Security Service  
  ActiveGuard 3.3 Software Solutionary Inc.  
   Best in Mobile Device Security  
  IronKey Enterprise Hardware IronKey  
   Best in Mobile Solutions  
  8000 Series Pocket-size Mobile Computer Hardware CipherLab  
   Best in Multi- and Second-Factor Security  
  VeriSign Identity Protection (VIP) Access for Mobile Service VeriSign  
   Best in NetFlow Analysis  
  NetQoS ReporterAnalyzer Software Appliance NetQoS Inc.  
   Best in Network Behavior Analysis (NBA) for Performance  
  NetQoS Anomaly Detection Software Appliance NetQoS Inc.  
   Best in Network Intelligence Technology  
  Qosmos ixEngine Software Development Kit Qosmos  
   Best in Network Management  
  Orion Network Performance Monitor (NPM) v9.1 Software SolarWinds  
   Best in Network Reporting  
  PRTG Network Monitor 7.1 Software Paessler AG  
   Best in Network Security Solution  
  NeXpose Software Rapid7  
   Best in Networking Solutions  
  INE Ultra V5.11 Hardware iTrinegy  
   Best in Operating Systems  
  Phoenix HyperSpace Software/Service Phoenix Technologies  
   Best in Optimization  
  Strangeloop AS1000 Application Scaling Appliance Hardware Strangeloop Networks  
   Best in Out-of-Band Authentication  
  PhoneFactor Software & Service PhoneFactor Inc.  
   Best in Physical Security  
  VideoIQ iCVR Hardware VideoIQ Inc.  
   Best in Policy Management  
  neXus version 2.1 Software ComAbility  
   Best in Power Backup  
  VDC Direct Connect DC power system Hardware VYCON  
   Best in Public Key Infrastructure  
  Entrust Authority Software & Service Entrust  
   Best in Regulatory Compliance  
  Stature Software Dyadem  
   Best in Remote Access  
  NCP Enterprise Solution Software NCP engineering GmbH  
   Best in RFID  
  touchatag Hardware/ Software/ Service Alcatel-Lucent  
   Best in SaaS (Software as a Service) and Cloud Computing  
  InfraDesk Software-as-a-Service InteQ  
   Best in SaaS Assessment & Compliance  
  SecurCompass Software-as-a-Service Solutionary Inc.  
   Best in Security Solution for Education  
  Firebox X Peak 8500e Hardware WatchGuard Technologies  
   Best in Security Solution for Government  
  Qosmos ixEngine Software Development Kit Qosmos  
   Best in Security Solution for Health  
  Crossroads ShareLoader Hardware and Software Crossroads Systems  
   Best in Software  
  Designxpert Software Netformx  
   Best in Storage  
  3PAR InServ® T-Class Storage Server Hardware 3PAR  
   Best in Systems Administration  
  ManageEngine Desktop Central Software AdventNet Inc.  
   Best in Telepresence Solution  
  Cisco TelePresence System 500 Hardware + Software Cisco Systems, Inc.  
   Best in Unified Communications  
  Quest MessageStats 6.5 Software Quest Software Inc.  
   Best in Unified Computing  
  Cisco UCS B-250 M1 Blade Servers Hardware Cisco Systems, Inc.  
   Best in Unified Security  
  Enterprise UTM++ 3300 Security Appliance Suite (HW & SW) and Managed Services Global DataGuard  
   Best in URL Filtering  
  IIS URL Rewriter Software Microsoft Corporation  
   Best in Virtual Network Security  
  Altor VF 2.0 Software Altor Networks  
   Best in Virtualization  
  MokaFive Virtual Desktop Solution Hosted Software Service MokaFive  
   Best in Virtualization Security  
  Reflex Virtual Management Center Software Reflex Systems  
   Best in Virtual Visibility  
  StealthWatch Hardware Lancope Inc.  
   Best in VoIP  
  Motorola WiMAX CPE WiMAX outdoor CPE with integrated VoIP Hardware Motorola Inc.  
   Best in Vulnerability Assessment/Remediation  
  nCircle Suite360 Software nCircle  
   Best in Web Filtering  
  Barracuda Web Filter 310 Hardware Barracuda Networks  
   Best in WiFi Product or Service  
  Motorola WiMAX CPEi 775 (Data+VoiP+WiFi) Hardware Motorola Inc.  
   Best in WiMAX Product or Service  
  Motorola WAP 450 WiMAX Access Point Hardware Motorola Inc.  
   Best in Wireless Broadband Mobility Solution  
  Motorola LTE WBR 500r: LTE Standards Based eNodeB Remote Radio Head and Base Station Hardware Motorola Inc.  
   Best in Wireless Security  
  AirMagnet Enterprise 8.5 Software AirMagnet Inc.  
   Best in Wireless USB  
  DL-160 Wired/Wireless USB Graphics Chip & Software DisplayLink Corp  
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