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2008 Best Products and Services

Business Transaction Management - CoreFirst 2.5

CoreFirst 2.5

Vendor: OpTier

Hardware or Software? Software

First Launched: The CoreFirst product family was launched in April 2005. CoreFirst 2.5 became available in August 2007.

What it does? OpTier®’s CoreFirst 2.5 harnesses the power of real business transactions with its unique Business Transaction Management™ (BTM) technology. CoreFirst assures that business transactions flow smoothly within IT applications and infrastructure without bottlenecks or outages, for improved end-user experience and reduced cost. Its Active Context Tracking™ (ACT) technology delivers end-to-end visibility – of all business transactions, across all tiers, all the time – by continuously discovering the links between IT components and business services. CoreFirst also prioritizes IT transactions and processes based on business needs, for true IT optimization.

2008 Best Products and Services
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“Our editors awarded CoreFirst our Product Innovation Award in Business Transaction Management earlier this year and it’s clear that our readers also see the benefits that OpTier’s technology provides for monitoring the IT infrastructure.”

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Performance Throughput: Tracks business transactions as they relate to end users or external systems. CoreFirst currently runs on systems that have hundreds of tiers and can reach a daily rate of 140 million transactions per application* per day.

*Usually installed on multiple applications per site.

Interfaces: CoreFirst parses data in a single depository. There are multiple interfaces to access this data. Direct views to the database are XML, SOAP, RMI, and others.

Key Features and Benefits: CoreFirst’s BTM technology enables enterprises to: Map business services to IT infrastructure in production environments; Track and monitor all business transactions – across all tiers, all the time; Create and maintain a complete profile of transaction activity in terms of time and resources; Identify and isolate performance problems as they develop, and before users are affected; Prioritize transaction resource allocation based on business needs, especially under peak loads; Consolidate and deploy large-scale multi-tier architectures; Fill the gap left by existing monitoring, diagnostic and tuning tools.

“We are honored that CoreFirst has been recognized by the readers of Network Products Guide. We are the first in the market to offer a complete end-to-end solution for business transaction management and our experience in delivering this technology to our Fortune 500 customers will help us to stay ahead of the competition.”

Motti Tal, EVP of Marketing, Product and Business Development - OpTier

Unique Capabilities: CoreFirst is the first product to extend transaction visibility to virtual environments to help IT meet business needs. The product provides organizations with the insight, stability and security required to manage mission-critical applications running in production within their virtualized environments.

Targeted Users: OpTier sells to Global 500 organizations with complex IT infrastructures in sectors including financial services, retail, telecommunications, healthcare, insurance and government.

List Price: Starts at $3,000 per CPU, pricing per application starts at $100K.

Satisfied Customers: OpTier has many satisfied customers including TransUnion Interactive, Wachovia, and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, among others.

Sales Contact for OpTier
John Rainsberger
Executive VP, Global Sales
130 W. 42nd Street
New York, NY 10036
Tel: 212-679-2700

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