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2008 Best Products and Services

Integrated Security Appliance - ACTAtek2


Vendor: ACTAtek Pte Ltd.

Hardware or Software? Hardware

First Launched: 1st Generation – 2003; 2nd Generation – 2007 and Large Enterprise overall 2007 supply SNMP & LDAP

What it does? A world-class SSL-protected Access Control and Time Attendance System web-based Biometrics, RFID Smart Card & PIN Technology. With all software and hardware built-in to the system, ACTAtek can be used in a standalone mode without the need of costly & complex dedicated architecture. Network support from the reliable TCP/IP networking protocol allows ACTAtek to be operated in a multiple device environment in primary & secondary mode enhancing its functionalities. Moreover, its modular build allows ACTAtek to be integrated with a range of devices for the different modules attached, such as the card reader, external readers, and built-in CMOS camera.

2008 Best Products and Services
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Performance Throughput: Safety Standard - (CE, FCC, IP65); Authentication Time – less than 1 second; Non- volatile memory – 128MB; Operation Temperature – 0ºC-60ºC; Encryption – Secure Socket Layer.

Interfaces: 10 BT Ethernet (Built-in) , GSM, GPRS, Wi-Fi, Modem ODBC/JDBC

Key Features and Benefits: 3 Access Methods: Fingerprint, Smart Card, Password.
Operated in Standalone or Network Modes; Encrypted communication; All Software & Hardware are built-in; IP 65 rated – water & dust proof, Impact-resistant making it durable and robust for outdoor installations; Multi-lingual interface – supports Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, English, French, German, Greek. Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Thai & Spanish. More language supported in future firmware versions; Maximum number of fingerprint template of 60,000.; Maximum transaction storage of 75,000 records; 1:1 & 1:N verification methods; Control, configure & administer via web interface; Real time system update and configuration; Integration with Weigand 26-bit & 40-bit output.

“These awards go to the best technology products every year and we are honored that ACTAtek2 has gained the Network Products Guide Reader Trust. We are committed to meeting our customer needs by providing them with the best products and services.”

Paul Hung, Managing Director - ACTAtek UK

Unique Capabilities:
ACTAtek® is the world’s ONLY Linux biometric & smart card authentication system that uses encrypted and secure SSLencryption web based, real time
communication, SNMP and LDAP compatible.

Targeted Users: Banking/Financial Institutions; SME Corporations; Multi-National Corporations; Healthcare Industries; Educational Institutes; Hotels/Restaurants; Government; Manufacturing and Logistics.

List Price: US $1,499.00

Satisfied Customers: British Petroleum; Boeing; Dubai International Airport; IBM; North Shore Bank USA, Hyatt Hotel and University Of Cambridge

Sales Contact for ACTAtek Pte Ltd.
North Asia Customers:
+ (852) 2319-1333, E-mail:
ASEAN Customers:
+ (65) 6515-4520, E-mail:
Europe, Middle East / Africa customers:
+44 (121) 411-2288 , E-mail:
Canada, USA and other Americas customers:
Tel: 604-278-8888, E-mail:,

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