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2008 Product Innovations

Unified Security - All-n-One Security Module for Enterprise UTM

All-n-One Security Module for Enterprise UTM

Hardware or Software? Hardware and Software

First Launched: November 2007

What it does? The All-n-One Security Module  for Enterprise UTM utilizes an architectural-based NBA platform to fully integrate the most complete set of complex network proven, enterprise-strength security applications, including firewall, antivirus and anti-Spam protection; IP reputation; a virtual private network and web content filter; intrusion detection and prevention systems; network behavioral analysis and correlation; vulnerability scanning; threat management; network access control and monitoring; and log management and monitoring. Offered as a native implementation or with 24/7 managed security services, the ASM provides superior performance, operational ease-of-use and up to a 70% reduction in total cost of ownership over stand-alone security products.

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Global DataGuard

Network Products Guide

What makes it Innovative? Systemic architecture based on patented behavioral analysis and correlation, enabling true subsystem integration; intelligent, adaptive information sharing/correlation of detected threats and alerts with detected vulnerabilities between all application subsystems/appliances; provides rich, actionable, root-cause information; historical long-term context to threats; uncovers/tracks early warnings of threats/attack reconnaissance that other products cannot see.

Targeted Users: Small & Medium Businesses; Small and Medium Enterprises

Satisfied Customers: Yes

Company: Global DataGuard
Mailing Address: 14800 Landmark Blvd.; Suite 610 Dallas, Texas 75254 USA
Tel: 1-972-980-1444

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