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About Network Products Guide
As the industry’s leading technology research and advisory guide, Network Products Guide from Silicon Valley plays a vital role in keeping decision makers and end-users informed of the choices they can make in all areas of information technology. You will discover a wealth of information and tools in this guide including the best products and services roadmaps, industry directions, technology advancements and independent product evaluations that facilitate in making the most pertinent technology decisions impacting business and personal goals. The guide follows conscientious research methodologies developed and enhanced by industry experts.
Final entry deadline is February 27, 2015 - click on the blue "Enter Online" button to begin your submission now.

We believe in open communication and encourage you to contact the editors directly and share your product launches, news announcements, interview suggestions, ideas and more. Since our editors travel through out the year, the best way to contact them is by sending them emails directly. Please do not leave any voicemails or send faxes to them as these take longer to access especially when they are travelling most of the time or busy at recording studios.

Rake Narang, editor-in-chief at Network Products Guide
rake [@] networkproductsguide [dot] com
Connect with Rake Narang on LinkedIn

San Madan, executive editor at Network Products Guide
san [@] networkproductsguide [dot] com
Connect with San Madan on LinkedIn

Judy Shelton, executive editor at Network Products Guide

Christine Ford, administration and services

Jennifer Sheets, administration and services

James MacLeod, multimedia and production

Carol Fagiano, business administration

Xavier Fu, web and interactive media

Mailing Address:

Editors - Network Products Guide,
Silicon Valley Communications,
560 South Winchester Boulevard Suite 500,
San Jose CA 95128 U.S.A.

Questions/Comments - send email to nominations [@] networkproductsguide [dot] com

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